The Author


I used to be my favorite topic to talk about, but after my encounter with the Buddhist philosophy of no-self, my affinity for this topic loosened. Nevertheless, I think an about page on a blog is necessary – the way I constantly change may be reflected in my posts, but a page such as this one will give the reader a general glimpse of myself.

My name is Moon and I live in San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines with my dog Tesla, and my cats Schrodinger and Renoir.

Currently turning 24 on the 20th of May, I am a part-time undergrad student at Adamson University. Though I specialize in Biology, I am likewise keen on an array of other subject matters of science & the humanities. Polymathy in the modern age is something I am trying to achieve – it is a difficult task to achieve in an economic era where we are urged to be specialists.

I also work fulltime as a sourcer for Alexander Mann Solutions. I manage, screen, and interview job applicants for our client, an international British bank.

In my spare time—I must say I don’t have a lot of it—I play the piano, I play League of Legends, I read, I watch movies and series, and I study. Most of all, I write.

Writing is something that is close to my heart, though I don’t really have any ‘serious’ outputs. I have maintained the habit of keeping diaries since I was 12—a habit I picked up from my Mom—wrote short fiction and poetry here and there, and even attempted my own Palanca. As with a lot of things that I do, people say my writing is good (or decent), but lacks practice. Thus, I decided that this year, I’ll be serious with my writing and even do it professionally.

This blog is a documentation of that decision – it’s something for me to ruminate on the many ideas I am interested in. You will encounter many different topics from MOBA games to Sartre to annotated watching of 2 Broke Girls. I think about a lot of things and, after all, writing is basically thinking reflected on a page.

Thank you so much for dropping by; I appreciate it, and I hope we become friends.

Moon Evangelista